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Institutional welcome

You're home, you're in Pravia. Undoubtedly, one of the main features that our town has is to be an open, close, cozy and pleasant space. Honestly, it was and it is still the commitment of all people in town.

There are many tourist attractions in Pravia: historical and architectural treasures, wonderful landscapes, etc. Therefore, I invite you to discover every corner of the town and villages in this Council. I'm sure you'll get fond memories of us.

If by the moment, you can¿t get in our streets and breathe all the scents that release our landscapes, immerse yourself in Pravia virtual space. You will see an intense cultural and social activity of a living town with many potential.

Pravia to invest, to enjoy, to learn; Pravia for you and for what you want. Go ahead and check it out, you¿ll get a good result.


David Álvarez Suárez

Mayor of Pravia